Actor Zachary Horwitz Net Worth, Movies, Tv Shows, Ponzi Scheme 2021

Actor Zachary Horwitz Net Worth, Movies, Tv-Shows, Ponzi Scheme Wiki 2021

Zachary Horwitz (professionally name is Zach Avery) is an American actor born on December 5, 1986.

Early Life

Zach Avery was born in Berkeley, California. His father and mother were split when he was only ten years old and moved from Lorida to Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he lived with his mother and step-father.

Career/Movies/Tv Shows

Zach Avery work in many movies and tv shows (The Laughing Man (2016), Shifter (2014), Nameless (2013), Feign (2012)). He is known for taking part in movies like fury (2014), Curvature (2017), Farming (2018), The white crow (2018) & Last moment of clarity (2020).

On April 6, 2021, he was arrested because of frauding with investors almost $227 Million through the Ponzi scheme.

Zachary Horwitz Net Worth

His net worth is not revealed yet.

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